The 2021 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Expo

Cape Town Stadium
15 - 16 October

Expo Schedule


 Wednesday, 13th October 14:00 – 20:00 Private Contractors build-up
Thursday, 14th October 08:00 – 15:00 Exhibitors build-up
  12:00 – 20:00 Exhibitors Covid Antigen test
  15:30 – 16:30 Stand vetting

All stands must be completed by 15:00 on Thursday 14th October to enable final stand vetting and cleaning of all public areas. All stands to be open and manned for the opening of Expo on Friday 15th October at 08:00


Friday, 15th October 08:30 – 19:30
 Saturday, 16th October 08:30 – 17:00

Exhibitors will be allowed access to the exhibition area one hour before the exhibition opens and must leave the premises within 30 minutes of the Expo closing every day. The venue will then be locked until opening the following day.

Exhibitors must take full responsibility for all their items on their stand for the duration of the event until everything is cleared from their stands.


Saturday, 16th October 17:00 – 18:30 Exhibitor breakdown
 Saturday, 16th October 18:30 –  22:00 Contractor breakdown

No breakdown or removal of goods and stock will be allowed before 17:00 on Saturday. Porters with trolleys will be on hand from 17:30 to assist you.

Exhibitors are urged not to leave stands unattended during the breakdown period, as this is when goods are most vulnerable to theft. Ensure that at least one representative from your company is on your stand for final breakdown, to secure your possessions and begin packing.

All goods are to be removed from the Expo area by 22:00 on Saturday.  Any remaining items will be disposed of by the Cape Town Stadium and exhibitors will be charged accordingly.

There is no access to the Stadium on Sunday 17th October

Covid Protocols

All Expo stands are required to have sanitizer available and all Exhibitors are required to wear a mask throughout. A reminder that social distancing should be practised at all times.

All Exhibitors and contractors entering the  Cape Town during build-up/breakdown will be required to complete the daily health check form at the gate. To save time, please complete the form and have it ready for arrival at the gate. 

Click here to access the form.

All Exhibitors and contractors who will be in the Stadium during the Expo will be required to undergo a compulsory Covid Antigen test as per the days and times detailed below. This will be at the Stadium and will be at no cost to the Exhibitor. You will be required to book a slot for this test. PLEASE NOTE: Access will NOT be granted without proof of a negative Covid test.

More information will be shared closer to the Expo.


Supplier Contact Service
Expo Solutions Michelle Angelica
Furniture / Stand accessories
Parking / Exhibitor passes
Gearhouse Charl Smit
(082) 6076639
Audio Visual equipment
Expo Screens Petra Thiele
(082) 55 66 772
Safety Screens

Edrei Schonfeldt
(021) 3000 121

Credit Card machines

Access passes / Accreditation

  • Exhibitor passes are to be collected from the Organisers office on Thursday between 08:00 – 15:00
  • Passes must be worn at all times during build-up, breakdown and the Expo itself
  • Exhibitors will receive the following quantity of passes:
    • 2m² – 6m²      2 passes
    • 7m² – 11m²    3 passes
    • >12m²            4 passes
  • Additional passes can be ordered on the Expo Solutions order form
  • Exhibitors not displaying access passes will unfortunately not have early access (as detailed above) into the Expo

Exhibitor Parking

  • Exhibitor parking is in P2 via Fort Wynyard on Granger Bay Boulevard
  • Access to the Podium from P2 is via the Gate at the grass embankment.
  • Each stand will receive 1 parking ticket as part of their package. Additional parking tickets can be ordered by completing the Expo Solutions form attached. Pre-paid parking will be available in P1

Alternatively, parking will be available on a cash basis at P3

Private Contractors (Custom Stand)

Please complete the attached Private Contractors form and return to liezle@showoff.co.za should you have a contractor building your stand.

All contractors will be audited and their activities monitored to ensure legal compliance. The following aspects will be audited:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Health and Safety Plan
  • Letter of good standing with the Compensation Fund or FEM
  • Appointment of key personnel (supervisors, riggers, scaffolders etc.)
  • Risk Assessment and safe work procedures
  • Fall protection Plan
  • Machinery operator certificates
  • Lifting machinery and equipment load test certificates
  • Medical certificates of fitness for machine operators and work at height
  • COC and COA documents
  • Checklist and registers for tools, equipment and vehicles
  • 2 Mandatory Agreements with event organisers and sponsors. This will be sent to you once we have received the private contractors form
  • Safety Induction registers

Stand Payments & Service Order Forms

  • Full stand payment is due 1 month before the Expo
  • Stand Service order forms including payment are due by 4th October 2021. No order will be processed without payment and the execution of late orders cannot be guaranteed
  • A 20% surcharge will apply for service forms received after the above date

Note: No Service Forms will be accepted if the stand payment is still outstanding.

Shell Scheme Packages

  • Prestik, Velcro with double-sided tape are not permitted inside the Cape Town Stadium
  • The use of nails, staples or screws, as well as drilling into or painting of, the styrene panels, fascia boards & aluminium framework is prohibited.
  • Any damage incurred to the exhibition stands will be for the Exhibitor’s account.
  • Should you wish to display items that need to be mounted directly onto the walls, please order the relevant number of 16mm white Melamine boards from the Expo Solutions order form
  • Nails, staples, screws, drilling and painting etc. is permitted only on the melamine boards
  • S-hooks (for the hanging of pictures & display boards, from the aluminium framework), are available from the Organisers’ Office
  • Shell scheme package stand exhibitors must minimally complete the Summary tab and the Fascia tab, by clicking on the Expo Solutions tab at the top of the Manual.

Outdoor Exhibits

  • No exhibits are to be affixed to the podium flooring and any damage to the surface will be charged for.
  • The use of Gazebos is weather dependent and will be approved by the Safety Manager.
  • Moving vehicles are to avoid sharp turns on the podium as this leaves marks on surface
  • Vehicles are to avoid driving over the red line due to weight bearing
  • Drip trays to be arranged for the vehicle and fuel is to be kept to a minimum

Stand Quality and Vetting

Both package and custom stands are required to comply with the following:-

  • Posters must be mounted in snapper frames only and not affixed to shell scheme walling
  • All tables must have table linen and it is to be ironed and reach the floor at all points
  • Brochures/literature, if applicable, is to be neatly displayed
  • No cardboard boxes are allowed on the Stand
  • Protocols with respect to the Covid 19 Pandemic must be observed by the Exhibitor at all times. Hand sanitizer must be available and masks to be worn at all times.

In order to maintain the desired level of quality displayed at the Expo, the Organisers will vet all exhibition stands from 15:30 on Thursday 14th October . If the Stand is substandard to the desired level of quality, the Exhibitor will be given notice to rectify any and all problems identified by the Organiser within 2 (two) hours

Should the Exhibitor fail to rectify the problems identified by the Organiser, the Organiser is entitled to close the stand.

Covered Sands

Exhibitors are advised that covered stands are not permitted in the Exhibition Hall unless detailed drawings are submitted at least 3 weeks before the event for approval by the  Cape Town Stadium management.

Custom Stands

  • Space only exhibitors are required to submit a 3D drawing with dimensions of the proposed stand 3 weeks before for pre-approval by the Cape Town Stadium and City of Cape Town. Please note that failure to comply with this requirement may result in refusal of permission to erect the stand.
  • Exhibitors planning a designer stand are required to a) appoint a registered professional to build the stand b) submit a structural engineer’s certificate on completion of the stand c) order a separate electrical distribution board d) submit an electrical certificate of compliance on completion.
  • All certification (structural and electric) is to be handed in to the Organisers’ office by 15:00 on Thursday 14th October 2021. The onus is on the exhibitor to ensure these certificates are submitted.

Electrical Fittings

  • Shell scheme package stands are supplied with 1 plug point and 2 spot lights. Space only stands are required to order electrics through the Services manual.
  • Electrical fittings have to be installed by the designated Expo contractor, Expo Solutions. All exhibitors building designer stands are required to order distribution boards etc. from Expo Solutions
  • Any electrical equipment brought onto the premises must comply with the South African Electrical Regulations and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS). Please also note that a Certificate of Compliance (COC) is to be produced for 3 Phase Power Connections.
    Should this not be the case, equipment will be removed immediately from the premises at the exhibitor’s expense and charges for any damage caused by faulty equipment will apply to the exhibitor.


The venue is not carpeted. Carpeting can be ordered on the Expo Solutions order form

Fascia Lettering

Exhibitors are reminded to include their fascia lettering on the Expo Solutions order form

PLEASE NOTE: If we do not receive this form, the exhibitors name will appear as per the Exhibitor contract (with no responsibility to the Organiser) – any changes will be charged for.

Furniture and stand accessories

A variety of furniture and stand accessories can be hired from Expo Solutions

Expo Security Screens Expo

  • A service for hire to all exhibitors using Octanorm Shell Scheme. The Expo Screen protects merchandise and equipment on display and prevents unauthorised access onto your stand outside show hours.
  • Screens can be ordered directly from Expo Screens. Please contact Petra by clicking here

Payment Methods

  • We encourage to Exhibitors to go as ‘cashless’ as possible and suggest using Zapper, Snapscan and credit card machines.
  • Contact WAPpoint should you need to hire a credit card machine. Click here for contact details

Medical Assistance

ER24 will be on site throughout the Expo from build-up to breakdown.


A variety of food vendors will be situated on the Podium level of the stadium during the Expo.


  • Dry sampling from the stand will be permitted
  • Only pre-packaged sampling will be permitted and is limited to 50ml or 20mm x 20mm bite size pieces


  • The Organisers are only responsible for the general cleaning of the venue, aisles and ablutions. It is the Exhibitors responsibility to ensure their stand is in a clean condition at all times.
  • The exhibition hall will be cleaned in the evenings once the show has closed for the day. This will include general cleaning such as cleaning aisles and the removal of rubbish.
  • Should you require individual stand cleaning, please contact Cape Town Stadium in advance for a quotation.


  • Organisers will provide general overall 24-hour security from 08h00 on Thursday 14th until 20h00 on Saturday 16th October 2021
  • The Security provided by the organisers is general security and not individual stand security. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage or any consequential losses which may befall your personnel and their property.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their stand and goods on display during build-up, exhibition show times and breakdown.
  • Although every effort has been made to ensure a secure environment we advise all exhibitors not to keep valuables on their stands. Do not leave valuables such as, handbags, laptops, cell phones etc. unattended at any time
  • Exhibitors are reminded that in terms of their agreement with the Organisers, they are responsible for insuring their products on display.
  • The venue will be locked from the close of the Expo until Exhibitor access the next day. Access to everyone, including Exhibitors, will be prohibited during this time.
  • The Cape Town Stadium and the organisers will not be held responsible for exhibitors’ belongings.

Promotional Material

  • No product or display stands may extend beyond your stand so as to disrupt the passageway.
  • You are allowed to attract visitors to your stand and work with them in your exhibition space. However you are not allowed to hand out brochures and information in areas other than your stand. Working in the aisles or approaching visitors outside your stand space is not allowed. This includes the registration area, common aisles, conference rooms and every area other than your stand. 

Storage facility

The Cape Town Stadium unfortunately does not provide onsite storage.

Aisle Encroachment

  • The minimum aisle space applicable to all exhibitions is 3 meters.
  • Disaster management rules and fire regulations at all exhibition venues require that all aisles and access to fire exit doors are kept free at all times. Exhibitors are required to make adequate space to accommodate their full display and no encroachment into the aisles is permitted. Should any item or structure be placed or protrude into the designated aisle space, the organisers and/or venue management reserve the right to move, or to have removed, the said item without any liability for loss or damage thereto.

Emergency procedures & fire regulations

In the event of an emergency in the venue, it is important that all exhibitors and staff members manning stands familiarise themselves with the layout of the venue, the location of the emergency exits and the nearest firefighting equipment. Personnel must adhere to the following:

  • Immediately report an incident of concern to the Expo organiser
  • Refrain from touching any objects of concern and from removing exhibits from the venue
  • Do not panic
  • Evacuation of the venue will be announced over the venue’s PA system
  • Fire escapes are situated at intervals throughout the building and are easily accessible.

Once an emergency has been reported, the event will be stopped and all emergency doors and exits will be opened by the exhibitions contract security for evacuation. Exhibitors and the public are to remain calm and to leave the building as quickly and quietly as possible, using the exits indicated by the marshalls or security personnel. Once outside, security will inform the exhibitors and the public what procedure will be followed, depending on the seriousness of the emergency. Anyone who is not accounted for must be reported immediately.

It is also suggested that each exhibitor keeps a list of staff, full names and medical conditions if any and at the times that the staff will be on duty on any given day.

Exits / fire escapes

No furnishings, decorations or any other objects whatsoever may obstruct exits, access to exits or the visibility of emergency exits. Fire escapes are located at intervals in the building and are accessible from each floor.

Fire equipment

  • No fire hydrant or hose reel may be utilised as a watering instrument. These instruments are protected by law and may only be used for the purpose intended. Should water be required, please contact the Expo Organiser.
  • Exhibitors, contractors and suppliers etc. shall familiarise themselves with the location and use of all available fire equipment.
  • No person shall remove, obstruct, or damage any of the provided fire equipment.

Hessian / Thatch / Straw / Draping

  • Hessian, thatch and straw are regarded as major fire hazards and event organizers planning to use these as part of their display at the DHL Stadium, will be required to provide a fire retardant certificate indicating that the product has been treated with a fire retarding compound. When material draping is used as part of a display, please ensure the draping does not come into contact with electrical wiring, fittings and/or globes and drops no lower than 5cm above the carpeted floor.
  • NB: please note that it is the duty of the Safety Manager to ensure, by testing, that the products are suitably treated. Should you require a registered fire contractor for this purpose please contact the DHL Stadium management.

Flammable & Hazardous Material

Prior written permission is required from the DHL Stadium management and the Fire Department for the use of flammable and/or hazardous material including gasses and liquids. No liquid petroleum is permitted the DHL Stadium.

Assumption of Risk for Exhibitors

  • It should be understood by the exhibitor that the nature of the facilities available, the presence and circulation of large numbers of people, the difficulty of effective supervision over the protection of large numbers of removable articles in many exhibition stands and various other factors make it reasonable that each exhibitor shall assume the risk of any injury, loss and/or damage.
  • Accordingly, the exhibitor assumes all risk of loss for their merchandise, fixtures, displays and any other property located in the exhibition area, storage or any other area where access has been provided to exhibitors by the Cape Town Stadium.
  • The Cape Town Stadium security personnel will be furnished for the perimeter of the venue but such personnel shall not be deemed to affect the non-liability of the Cape Town Stadium and its members, officers, representatives, employees and/or the official service providers to modify in any way the assumption of risk and release provided for above.
  • It is highly recommended that exhibitors take precautionary measures by ordering security for their specific needs, through the preferred Cape Town Stadium security service provider. The organisers recommend that all exhibitors consult their individual insurance representatives to obtain appropriate insurance coverage.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

For more information, contact:


+27 83 659 6992